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Having the best looking website is not always enough, businesses need to think about the content, getting it right will take time and effort but can dramatically improves your search engine optimization!
Our highly skilled and experienced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) team provides the SEO services. Your website will be submitted to all the major search engines and directories, we will optimize for all keywords requested by you.

We Offer:

On-Site Search Engine Optimization

On-site search engine Optimization deals with all of the optimization functions that are built within the webpage. These include:

  • Keyword embedding – We include the keywords that you want to rank the site for. Popular keyword(s) will include words that are close to the organization, such as the organizations name, popular products and services that are offered etc.
  • Sitemap – Displaying the infrastructure of the website in an almost "table of contents" layout makes it easier for "crawlers" to report back to search engines the multiple pages that exist on the website.
  • Links –Linking to other sections of the website reenforces the structure of the webpage which helps search engine "crawlers" navigate the site more efficiently.
  • Meta Tags and Meta Keywords – It is all about the keywords here. Matching and applying to the point keywords in to the HTML coding of the webpage embeds the keywords so that they gain value.
  • Title Tag – Considered one of the most important elements, the title tag is the line of text that appears in search engine results that links users to the webpage. This is clearly vital to directing traffic to the site, because it clearly states what the site is and what it does.
  • H1 and H2 Text – The H1 is the Headline text. Simply improving this will generate greater SEO value. The purpose of the H1 is to highlight the significance of the webpage.
  • Keyword Density – Keyword density refers to the amount of times on a webpage that the keyword (or comparable word) is used, as a percentage of the amount of words on the page. For example, if a webpage is ranking for the keyword "baseball", and a page has a total of 500 words, with 10 words including "baseball", the keyword density is 2%. We make sure to keep keyword density between 2%-4%.
  • Outbound Link Text – Linking to relevant and reputable sites shows that the site holds credibility and relevance in the field. Linking to quality sites in a blog, press release, or text is generally beneficial because it shows not only that the original site is trustworthy; it shows that the author understands to return quality to the visitor by linking to other sites.

Off-Site Optimization

Off-Site SEO optimizes the website from outside sources and primarily include generating Backlinks. Backlinks can take many forms. Essentially, the quality and quantity of backlinks to the website help optimization the website and generate a higher PageRank.

There are some different ways to achieve quality backlinks. The following represent proven methods that can be used to "gain votes" for a website from the outside –> in

  • Real-time linking includes commenting in blogs, wiki's and forums and referencing back to the website. The more popular the entity, the stronger value the webpage will receive from these quality inbound links.
  • Having links in directories point traffic back to the website and gains value depending on the value of the directory. There are reputable directories online that will deliver higher value to the website with the quality of backlinks.
  • Including backlinks to the website in press releases gains much exposure. In doing so, media outlets (the more popular, the better) that backlink to the webpage, providing higher SEO value.
  • Writing articles and posting them on "guest bogging" websites will also return value, as long as the author is including backlinks within the text. Choosing topics that hold relevancy to the website is important to do, and matching that up with relevant blogs is equally important.

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