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With an e-Commerce website, you get the advantage of a store that never closes and a salesperson that never sleeps - without the overhead costs. You can reach people anywhere in the world as easily as the customer down the street.

Teratone (pvt) ltd is a seasoned e-Commerce development firm. Offering a full range of e-Commerce services, we know how to help you maximize your online sales. We help business owners and marketing executives choose the right e-Commerce services for a variety of situations. For example:

  • You want to sell a product or service online, but your business doesn't have an online shopping cart.
  • You have a great product or service, but your existing e-Commerce website is not generating the sales you want.

Our e-Commerce Developers Are Experts

We have worked with companies across the globe to implement successful e-Commerce solutions and grow businesses online. Your e-Commerce solution is tailored to your company, based on your individual needs. (We don't believe in "one solution fits all")


Although there are numerous open source e-Commerce solutions available, however neither of them fits for all, and above all its extremely difficult to customize them according to client needs. They mostly come with difficult control panels and huge code base.

To overcome these problems we have built e-Cart, an e-Commerce solution that is in its most simple form (bare bones) having all the essential components, an easy control panel and can be easily customized according to client needs.

Demo coming soon.

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